Another scandal is brewing thanks to the Perussuomalaiset

Posted on February 29, 2012 by 

By Enrique Tessieri
Another scandal involving the Perussuomalaisete (PS) party is brewing  after what happened to councilman Tommi Rautio and MP Teuvo Hakkarainen. At the eye of the latest scandal is Jani Viinikainen, a PS Pirkanmaa region board member, who founded an anti-Roma Facebook page called, Mannat kuriin (Let’s put Gypsies in line)! 
On the list of “like” supporters you’ll  find convicted far-right blogger Seppo Lehto, a few members of the  Finnish Defense League, PS members and the usual crowd of  interculturally challenged Finns.
The recent scandals that have hit the PS fan happen less than a week before the party’s national executive board meet on Saturday, March 4.
Is this what PS chairman Timo Soini meant when he stated in October that the party does hate anyone?

Last year Viinikainen founded a homophobic Facebook forum.   The PS Prikanmaa regional board was planning to sack him but decided the contrary in December. Viinikainen got off the hook with a warning.

While some Finns and PS members may consider these types of Facebook pages “funny,” they show a more sinister side of the the party we have all learned to know:  Immigrants and Muslims are not the only political scapegoats of the party.
It has been less than a year since the PS won their historical election victory in April.
Every month the PS produces a scandal. What will be March’s?